Phub Tinder

phub tinder

Phub Tinder Statistics
71% of Tinder users admit to checking their phone for messages while on a date.
Source: HuffPost
Impact on Relationships
74% of people believe that phubbing is a sign of disinterest in the relationship.
Source: Psychology Today
64% of people think that phubbing can lead to feelings of insecurity and anxiety.
Source: BuzzFeed
Tinder Users’ Behaviors
67% of Tinder users check their phone within the first five minutes of a date.
Source: CNET
53% of Tinder users admit to lying about their relationship status on the app.
Source: Distractify
Consequences of Phubbing
44% of people who experienced phubbing reported feeling hurt or betrayed.
Source: Verywell Mind
34% of people who experienced phubbing reported feeling confused or unclear about the relationship.
Source: Verywell Mind
Breaking Up with Phubbing
85% of people believe that breaking up with phubbing is essential for a healthy relationship.
Source: Psychology Today
72% of people think that setting boundaries and discussing phubbing with your partner is crucial.
Source: BuzzFeed
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