Prix Abonnement Tinder

prix abonnement tinder

Prix Abonnement Tinder Plan Description Prix (€)
Tinder Plus Boost Your Profile, Rewind, Repeat, and Super Like Unlock exclusive features to increase your visibility on the app 4.99 per month or 29.99 for a year (15% discount)
Tinder Gold Top Picks, Bolding Your Name, and Rewind Get access to the app’s most popular features and increase your visibility 6.99 per month or 39.99 for a year (15% discount)
Tinder Platinum Prioritized Likes, Top Picks, and Everything from Gold Get the ultimate Tinder experience with priority likes and more visibility 10.99 per month or 59.99 for a year (15% discount)

According to Tinder’s official website [1], pricing may vary depending on your location and the length of your subscription.


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Note: Prices are subject to change, and users should always check the app’s pricing page for the most up-to-date information.

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