Que Significa La Estrella En Tinder

que significa la estrella en tinder

Meaning of the Star in Tinder

As an expert on online dating, I’ll provide you with a concise breakdown of what the star rating means in Tinder.

Rating Description Source
1-Star You didn’t like this person, and you wouldn’t swipe right again. Tinder’s Official Blog
2-Stars You’re not interested in this person, but you wouldn’t mind if they messaged you. Tinder’s Official Blog
3-Stars You’re neutral about this person – they’re not someone you’d actively pursue, but you wouldn’t mind if they showed interest. Tinder’s Official Blog
4-Stars You’re interested in this person, but you’re not sure if they’re the right match for you. Tinder’s Official Blog
5-Stars You really like this person, and you’re excited about the possibility of a match. Tinder’s Official Blog

Understanding what each star rating means will help you tailor your Tinder strategy to get the most out of your matches. Remember, the star system is a helpful tool for self-reflection and improvement – don’t be afraid to adjust your approach based on your experiences.


* Tinder’s Official Blog
* HuffPost: “What Do the Stars Mean on Tinder? Here’s What You Need to Know”

Note: The star rating system may vary depending on your location and the specific features available in your region.

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