Se Puede Enviar Fotos Por Tinder

se puede enviar fotos por tinder

Can You Send Photos on Tinder? Answer Source
Short answer: No, you cannot send photos directly within the Tinder app. Tinder Help Center
But why? Tinder’s policy is to prioritize user safety and prevent unwanted or explicit content from being shared. BuzzFeed
What about videos? No, you cannot send videos on Tinder either. Tinder Help Center
Workarounds? Avoid sending explicit or unwanted content, and consider using other social media platforms or messaging apps to share photos and videos. Forbes
Is it safe? Tinder’s focus on user safety and explicit content prevention helps minimize the risk of unwanted or harmful interactions. Wired
Other options? Consider using third-party apps or services that allow you to send photos and videos, such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, or email. Lifewire

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