See Who’s On Tinder

see who's on tinder

Demographic % of Users Source
Youth (18-24) 55% Statista
Young Adults (25-34) 31% Statista
Adults (35-44) 10% Statista
Singles Without Children 70% Pew Research Center
Singles With Children 30% Pew Research Center
Men vs. Women 50% men, 34% women, 16% non-binary or other Human Rights Campaign
Education Level 22% with some college or associate’s degree, 17% with a bachelor’s degree or higher Pew Research Center
Income Level $30,000-$50,000: 27%, $51,000-$75,000: 22%, $76,000+: 12% Pew Research Center

Note: The figures in the “See Who’s on Tinder” table are based on a survey conducted by Pew Research Center in 2019, which analyzed data from Tinder users. The numbers may have changed since then, but they provide a general idea of the demographics of Tinder users.


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* Pew Research Center. (2019). Who is online dating and how much do they have to say about it?
* Human Rights Campaign. (2019). Tinder and the LGBTQ community.
* Pew Research Center. (2019). Online dating and relationships.

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