Sol Tinder

sol tinder

Parameter Description Units
Sol Tinder Temperature The surface temperature of the Sun, also known as the photosphere. °C (Kelvin: 5500)
Sol Tinder Pressure The pressure at the surface of the Sun, which is about 10^5 times greater than atmospheric pressure on Earth. Pascals (Pa)
Sol Tinders Chemical Composition A mixture of hydrogen (~75%) and helium (~25%), with small amounts of other elements.
Sol Tinder Energy Release Mechanism Nuclear reactions involving the fusion of hydrogen isotopes, primarily deuterium and tritium, to form helium and releasing energy in the process.
Energy Output The total amount of energy released by the Sun per unit time, approximately 3.8 x 10^26 W. Watts (W)

For more information on Sol Tinders and their characteristics, refer to:

* National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) – [Solar Energy](
* European Space Agency (ESA) – [Sun’s Structure](
* The Open University – [The Sun: A Star Like Our Own](

Note: This table and the provided links are intended to provide a general overview of Sol Tinders. For more detailed information, please consult authoritative sources in the fields of astrophysics and solar physics.

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