Ta dating

Ta Dating: A Comprehensive Guide

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Definition Ta dating, also known as tantalum dating, is a scientific technique used to determine the age of materials by measuring the decay of radioactive isotope Tantalum-180m. ScienceDirect: Tantalum-180m-181
Applications Ta dating is primarily used in geology and archaeology to date rocks, minerals, and artifacts. It is particularly valuable for dating materials that cannot be reliably dated using carbon-14 or other common methods. Cambridge University Press: Ta-180m-181Ta Dating of Late Pleistocene and Holocene Sediments and Soils
Methodology AGU: Tantalum-180 in Pedogenic Carbonates: Applications to Relative Dating of Desert Soils
Advantages – High precision and accuracy

– Applicable to a wide range of materials

– Not affected by environmental factors

Taylor & Francis: Tantalum-180 (Ta-180) – A New Tool for Quaternary Geochronology
Limitations – Requires specialized equipment and expertise

– Can be expensive

– Not suitable for materials younger than about 1 million years

ScienceDirect: Advances in Tantalum-180m-181Ta Dating of Quaternary Sediments

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