This or that dating edition by ixlogo

**This or That Dating Edition by Ixlogo: Overview**
Feature Description
Game Type Casual dating simulation
Developer Ixlogo
Release Date February 14, 2023
Platforms Windows, Mac, Linux
Price Free

**This or That Dating Edition by Ixlogo: Gameplay**
Element Description
Gameplay Loop Answer “this or that” questions to earn points and progress through dates
Dating Options Four unique characters with different personalities and preferences
Replayability Multiple endings depending on choices made
Customization Limited character customization options (e.g., name, pronouns)

**This or That Dating Edition by Ixlogo: Reception**
Source Rating Summary
Steam Very Positive (120 reviews) Casual and fun dating sim with charming characters and engaging gameplay
Rock Paper Shotgun “A delightful and addictive dating sim that’s sure to put a smile on your face.”
GameSpot 8/10 “This or That Dating Edition is a fun and charming dating sim that’s perfect for a casual playthrough.”
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