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Tinder’s Mission Statement Tinder aims to create a platform for people to build connections and find meaningful relationships. Its mission is to “make it easier for people to form meaningful relationships.” (Source: Tinder) Tinder’s Future of Dating Blog
About Our Algorithm Tinder uses an algorithm to match users based on their preferences, interests, and behaviors. The algorithm takes into account a range of factors, including location, age, gender, and user interactions. Fast Company: How Tinder’s Algorithm Works
Our Approach to Safety Tinder prioritizes safety and takes several measures to ensure a secure experience for its users. This includes implementing verification processes, reporting tools, and user education. BBC Worklife: How Tinder Keeps Its Users Safe
Our Commitment to Diversity and Inclusion Tinder is committed to promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion. The platform aims to create a welcoming environment for users of all backgrounds, identities, and orientations. Out Magazine: Tinder Announces New Dating Profile Options
Our Community Engagement Tinder engages with its community through various events, campaigns, and partnerships. The platform aims to foster connections between users and promote a culture of inclusivity. Tinder Press Release: Partnership with the Trevor Project

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