Tinder Accounts For Sale

tinder accounts for sale

Platform Pricing Range Description LSI Keywords
Tinder Boost $10-$20 per boost Tinder Boost increases your profile’s visibility for 30 minutes, making it more likely to be seen by potential matches. A single boost can bring in up to 6x more likes and matches. tinder account boost, tinder visibility boost, increase tinder profile views
Tinder Super Like $5-$10 per super like A Tinder Super Like shows that you’re really interested in someone’s profile. It’s a way to express enthusiasm and show that you want to match with them. tinder super like, tinder likes, increase tinder matches
Tinder Gold (formerly Tinder Plus) $14.99-$24.99 per month Tinder Gold offers additional features such as unlimited swipes, rewinding, and seeing who’s already liked you. tinder gold features, tinder plus benefits, increase tinder matches
Buy Tinder Accounts (Third-Party Marketplaces) $50-$500 per account Sometimes, users may be looking to buy or sell their Tinder accounts. This can be done through third-party marketplaces or online forums. tinder account buying, tinder account selling, third-party marketplaces
Tinder Account Management Services (Third-Party) $100-$500 per month Some services offer to manage your Tinder account for you, including swiping, matching, and chatting. This can be a convenient option for busy individuals. tinder account management, tinder account services, online matchmaking

According to a report by Apptopia, the average price of a Tinder Boost is around $10-$15 per boost, while a single Super Like can cost anywhere from $5-$10. For users who want more control over their Tinder experience, subscription-based services like Tinder Gold offer additional features for a monthly fee.

It’s essential to note that buying or selling Tinder accounts through third-party marketplaces may not be the most legitimate or safe option. Additionally, some online services claiming to offer Tinder account management may not deliver as promised.

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Note: All references are authoritative sources, including news outlets and industry reports.

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