Tinder Active Status

tinder active status

Status Description Duration Impact on Matches
Tinder Active Your profile is visible to potential matches and you can swipe through profiles, like, and match with others. Ongoing You’re more likely to receive matches and get noticed by others.
Swiping Left You’ve declined a potential match’s profile, indicating you’re not interested in them. Instantly The other person won’t be notified of your decision, and you won’t receive any matches or notifications from that person.
Swiping Right You’ve expressed interest in a potential match’s profile, indicating you’re interested in getting to know them better. Instantly The other person will be notified of your interest and may choose to swipe right on your profile as well, leading to a potential match.
Matched You’ve found a compatible match with someone who has also swiped right on your profile. Ongoing You’ll have the opportunity to chat with each other and potentially go on a date or meet up in person.
Ghosted A match has stopped responding to your messages, essentially disappearing from the conversation without explanation. Varies You may feel frustrated or confused by the other person’s lack of communication and may need to move on from the match.
Banned Your account has been temporarily or permanently suspended by Tinder due to violating their terms of service or community guidelines. Varies You won’t be able to access your account, and you may need to appeal the ban to have it reinstated.


* [Tinder’s Official Help Center](https://help.tinder.com/hc/en-us)
* [Verywell Match’s Guide to Tinder](https://www.verywellmatch.com/tinder-101.html)
* [Hinge’s Guide to Online Dating Etiquette](https://www.hinge.co/blog/online-dating-etiquette)

Note: The information provided is general and based on publicly available data. It is not specific to any individual or their account activity.

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