Tinder Algeria

tinder algeria

Ranking Tinder Users in Algeria Active Daily Users Swipe Ratio
1st Approx. 2 million users Around 700,000 daily active users 1:6.5 (men swipe left on women)
2nd Almost 18 million internet users
3rd Population: around 43.8 million people
Demographics Men Women
Age Range 18-34 (61%) 18-34 (56.5%)
Education Level High school or higher (43.5%) High school or higher (48.2%)
Tinder Features Boost Premium Subscription (Tinder Plus)
Description Increases visibility for a day Exclusive features like rewind, unlimited likes, and more matches

Note: The above tables are based on publicly available data from reputable sources such as Statista, Hootsuite, eMarketer, Britannica, and Tinder’s official help center.

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