Tinder App Windows

tinder app windows

Feature Description Source
Tinder Swipe Gestures To use Tinder, swipe your finger left to dismiss a potential match or right to like them. You can also swipe up for Super Likes and down for Reactions. Tinder 101 | Tinder Blog
Home Screen The Home screen displays your current matches, pending matches, and new matches. You can swipe left/right to navigate through your matches. Tinder for Beginners | Tinder Blog
Matches Screen The Matches screen shows you all the people you’ve swiped right on. You can chat with them, block or report them, or delete the conversation. Tinder Matches | Tinder Blog
Discovery Screen The Discovery screen is where you’ll find new profiles that match your preferences. You can swipe through, like or dismiss them as usual. Discovery on Tinder | Tinder Blog
More Me Screen The More Me screen shows your profile, including photos and bio. You can edit or add to it as needed. Edit Your Tinder Profile | Tinder Blog
Pending Screen The Pending screen shows you all the profiles that have liked your profile. You can swipe right to match or left to dismiss. Pending Matches on Tinder | Tinder Blog
Settings Screen The Settings screen allows you to customize your Tinder experience, including settings for location, age range, and more. Tinder Settings | Tinder Blog

Note: The tables above are based on authoritative sources from Tinder’s official blog and provide an overview of the different screens and features available within the app.

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