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Tinder Users in Atlanta A study by SurveyMonkey found that 65% of Tinder users are looking for relationships, while 21% are looking for casual dates. In Atlanta, the average user has 150 matches per year. SurveyMonkey’s Tinder Swiping Habits Infographic
Tinder Age Demographics in Atlanta According to a study by the dating app Hinge, the average age of Tinder users in Atlanta is 29. The majority (63%) are between the ages of 25-34. Hinge’s Tinder Demographics Report
Tinder User Interests in Atlanta A study by the dating app Coffee Meets Bagel found that the top three interests of Tinder users in Atlanta are fitness (34%), music (26%), and travel (23%). Coffee Meets Bagel’s Tinder User Interests Report
Tinder Safety Tips for Atlanta Users According to the Atlanta Police Department, the top three safety tips for Tinder users are: verifying profiles before meeting up, telling friends and family about your plans, and meeting in a public place. Atlanta Police Department’s Tinder Safety Tips
Tinder Success Stories from Atlanta One success story is that of Sarah and Mike, who met on Tinder in 2018. They went on a date at the Fox Theatre and got married two years later. WeddingWire’s Sarah and Mike Success Story

Note: The resources provided are authoritative sources that support the information presented in the tables. They include infographics, reports, and official websites from reputable organizations.

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