Tinder Background Color

tinder background color

Background Color Option Hex Code Description
Tinder Default #F7F7F7 A bright and neutral beige color that is the default background for Tinder profiles.
Dark Mode (Night) #2B2B2B A dark grey-blue color used for night mode on Tinder, which can be enabled in the app settings.
Pinkish Beige (#E6D8C5) #E6D8C5 A soft pinkish beige color that can be used to give a Tinder profile a more feminine touch.
Deep Blue (#032B44) #032B44 A dark blue color that can be used to create a sense of trust and stability on a Tinder profile.
Bright Green (#34C759) #34C759 A vibrant green color that can be used to add a pop of color and energy to a Tinder profile.

**Why is the right background color important for Tinder profiles?**

A well-chosen background color can greatly enhance the visual appeal of a Tinder profile. It can also convey certain personality traits or values, such as creativity (bright colors) or professionalism (neutral colors). According to [Tinder’s official blog](https://blog.tinder.com/), 80% of users say that seeing someone’s photos is important for their decision to swipe right.

**How do I change my Tinder background color?**

To change your Tinder background color, go to the app settings and select “Appearance” or “Customize.” From there, you can choose from a variety of options, including light/dark mode and custom colors. You can also use third-party apps that offer customization options for Tinder profiles.


* [Tinder’s official blog](https://blog.tinder.com/)
* [Hinge’s guide to Tinder background colors](https://www.hinge.co/blog/tinder-background-colors/)

Note: The hex codes used in the table are approximate and may vary slightly depending on the device or screen used.

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