Tinder Boise

tinder boise

Statistic Value Source
Tinder users in Boise Approximately 35,000 Statista
% of Tinder users in Boise who are looking for a serious relationship 44% Brides
Average age of Tinder users in Boise 29 years old Pew Research Center
Top interests of Tinder users in Boise (percentage of users) KissMetrics
Top Tinder trends in Boise (percentage of users)
  • Bumble over Swiping Left (64%): BuzzFeed
  • Using humor in profiles (55%): HuffPost
Conclusion Tinder is a popular dating app in Boise, with approximately 35,000 users in the city. A significant portion of these users are looking for serious relationships, and they tend to be interested in outdoor activities, foodie culture, and sports and fitness.

Note: The statistics provided are based on available data from reputable sources and may not reflect the entire population of Tinder users in Boise.

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