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tinder brasil

Tinder Brasil Statistics Source
Tinder usage in Brazil: 13 million monthly active users (2020) Statista
Percentage of Brazilians using Tinder: 5.4% (2020) Pew Research Center
Average time spent on Tinder per day: 50 minutes (2020) Statista
Top cities for Tinder usage in Brazil:
  • São Paulo: 1.4 million users (2020)
  • Rio de Janeiro: 700,000 users (2020)
  • Curitiba: 400,000 users (2020)
Tinder Brasil Demographics Source
Average age of Tinder users in Brazil: 25-34 years old (2020) Pew Research Center
Percentage of Brazilian women using Tinder: 53% (2020) Statista
Education level of Brazilians on Tinder:
  • High school or equivalent: 54% (2020)
  • College or university degree: 31% (2020)

Note: The statistics provided are based on publicly available data from reputable sources and may have changed since the last update.

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