Tinder Card

tinder card

Parameter Recommended Value Range Authoritative Resource
Card Name Tinder card name should be descriptive and concise, ideally between 4-15 characters long. Quora: What is the best way to write a Tinder profile?
Headline Avoid using generic headlines like “Looking for something real.” Instead, opt for attention-grabbing statements that highlight your unique qualities. Bustle: What to Write in Your Tinder Bio For Women
Description Keep your description concise and focused on your personality, interests, or what makes you unique. Refinery29: Tinder Profile Tips For Women
Photos Use high-quality, recent photos that showcase your personality and interests. Aim for a mix of solo shots, group photos, and activities. HuffPost: Tinder Profile Tips For Ladies
Age Range Specify your age range to filter out unwanted matches and increase the chances of finding a compatible partner. CNET: Tinder Profile Tips For Women
Location Be honest about your location and include it in your profile to avoid awkward conversations and increase the chances of a successful match. Cosmopolitan: Tinder Profile Tips For Women

Note: The recommended value range for card name, headline, and description is subjective and may vary depending on individual preferences and profiles.

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