Tinder Coupon Redeem

tinder coupon redeem

Discount Type Redemption Steps Authority Resource Link
Snapchat Streak Rewards 1. Open Snapchat and start a streak with your match.
2. Reach the desired number of consecutive days (e.g., 7, 14, or 30).
3. Tinder will notify you when you’ve reached the milestone.
Tinder Blog: How to Get Tinder Rewards
Tinder Gold & Platinum Perks 1. Upgrade to Tinder Gold or Platinum.
2. Access exclusive features, such as rewinds, unlimited likes, and more.
Tinder: Platinum Features
Boosted Profiles 1. Purchase a Boost.
2. Your profile will appear at the top of other users’ swiping experiences for 30 minutes.
Tinder: Boost Your Profile
Super Likes 1. Swipe up on a profile you really like.
2. The user will be notified, and your interest is shown.
Tinder: What is Super Like?

**Additional Tips**

* Make sure to read Tinder’s terms and conditions before redeeming any rewards or using features like Boosts.
* Keep an eye on your account balance for Tinder Gold & Platinum perks, as they can be used up quickly.
* Use Super Likes strategically to show genuine interest in a match.


1. Tinder Blog: How to Get Tinder Rewards [https://www.tinder.com/blog/how-to-get-tinder-rewards/]
2. Tinder: Platinum Features [https://www.tinder.com/platinum]
3. Tinder: Boost Your Profile [https://www.tinder.com/boost]
4. Tinder: What is Super Like? [https://www.tinder.com/super-like]

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