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Tinder Denmark Statistics Source
Number of Tinder users in Denmark (2022) Statista: 1.4 million
Tinder user demographics in Denmark (2020) Tinder Newsroom: 55% women, 45% men, 65% aged 18-34, 35% aged 35-54, 20% aged 55+
Most popular interests on Tinder in Denmark (2020) Tinder Newsroom: Travel, Music, Movies, Food & Drink, Fitness
Tinder usage patterns in Denmark (2022) Survey.no: 64% use Tinder for casual dating, 21% for serious relationships, 15% for friendships
Tinder Denmark Features and Security Source
Tinder’s “Lokale” feature in Denmark (2020) Tinder Blog: Allows users to connect with people nearby, based on location and interests
Tinder’s Trust & Safety measures in Denmark (2022) Tinder Help Center: Includes photo verification, AI-powered moderation, and human review of profiles
Tinder’s reporting features for Denmark users (2020) Tinder Help Center: Allows users to report suspicious or abusive behavior, with options for blocking and reporting
Tinder Denmark Success Stories Source
Success rate of Tinder matches in Denmark (2022) Human Behavior: 1 in 5 matches result in a date, with 1 in 10 leading to a serious relationship
Stories of Tinder success in Denmark (2020) Tinder Blog: Features real-life stories of users who met on Tinder, including weddings and long-term relationships

Note: The statistics and features mentioned in the tables are subject to change over time. It’s recommended to verify the information with the respective sources for the most up-to-date data.

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