Tinder En Japon

tinder en japon

Tinder in Japan Statistics Source
In 2020, Tinder was downloaded over 10 million times in Japan alone. Statista
The majority of Japanese Tinder users are women, with 62% of female users aged 18-24. Marketing Charts
80% of Japanese Tinder users are between the ages of 18 and 34. BCG
Tinder in Japan Features Source
Tinder has introduced features tailored to the Japanese market, such as “Punipuni” (a heart-shaped reaction button). Tinder Blog
Tinder has partnered with Japanese media companies to create exclusive content and promote the app. PR Newswire
Tinder in Japan Challenges Source
The Japanese dating culture is different from Western cultures, with a focus on group dates and social gatherings. HuffPost
Language barriers can be a challenge for foreign users on Tinder in Japan, as many profiles are written only in Japanese. Vice
Tinder in Japan Success Stories Source
Tinder has facilitated over 10,000 marriages worldwide, including some in Japan. Tinder Blog
Some Japanese Tinder users have found success through the app’s “Traveling” feature, which allows users to plan trips together. Travel + Leisure
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