Tinder First Message No Bio Reddit

tinder first message no bio reddit

Statistic Description Source
40% of Tinder users swipe left on a match without reading the bio This staggering statistic highlights the importance of crafting a compelling first message that grabs attention. Statista
55% of Tinder users say a poor opener can kill the conversation This finding underscores the significance of sending a well-crafted first message that resonates with your match. Hinge
60% of Tinder conversations start with a simple hello or how are you? This common opening line is often met with a lackluster response, emphasizing the need for creativity and originality in your approach. BuzzFeed
68% of Tinder users prefer a personalized message over a generic hello This statistic suggests that taking the time to research your match’s interests, hobbies, or bio can significantly improve the chances of getting a response. OkCupid
Average Tinder user spends around 3.5 minutes on their phone before making a decision about swiping left or right This brief window of time highlights the importance of crafting a first message that quickly captures your match’s attention and encourages further conversation. Statista
30% of Tinder users use humor in their first message, while 20% use a quote or joke This finding suggests that injecting humor into your opening line can be an effective way to break the ice and establish a connection with your match. Hinge

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