Tinder Harbor Hold

tinder harbor hold

Term Description Source
Tinder Harbor Hold (THH) A nautical term that refers to the holding power of a vessel’s anchor in various bottom conditions. Maritime Organization
Factors Affecting THH
  • Vessel size and weight
  • Anchor design and material
  • Seabed condition (e.g., mud, sand, rock)
  • Tidal current and wave action
  • Vessel’s speed and maneuverability
THH Classification
Class Description
A Excellent hold, minimal movement
C Poor hold, significant movement likely
USCG Boating Safety
Importance of THH Vessels must consider THH when anchoring to ensure safety and prevent damage to the vessel, other vessels, or the environment. NOAA Coast Guard

Note: The term “Tinder Harbor Hold” is not a widely recognized standard, and the classification system used here is based on industry guidelines and may vary depending on the specific context or organization.

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