Tinder Hookup Etiquette

tinder hookup etiquette

Rule Description Resource
Say thank you A simple “thank you” or “appreciate it” after a hookup shows respect for the other person’s time and boundaries. (Source: Tinder Etiquette, Mashable) Tinder Etiquette: The Unwritten Rules You Need to Know
Don’t ghost Ghosts are the worst. If you’re not interested in a hookup or want to take things slow, communicate with your match and be honest about your intentions. The Art of Not Ghosting on Tinder
Respect boundaries A hookup is a mutual agreement. Respect your match’s limits and don’t pressure them for more than they’re comfortable with. Tinder Dating App Tips: How to Hook Up Without Getting Burned
Don’t over-share Tinder is for casual connections, not deep conversations. Keep the oversharing to a minimum and respect your match’s privacy. Tinder Dating App Tips and Tricks
Communicate clearly No assumptions, please. Be clear about your intentions, desires, and boundaries to avoid misunderstandings. The Ultimate Guide to Tinder Communication
Be respectful of time A hookup is a brief connection. Respect your match’s schedule and don’t overstay your welcome. Tinder Dating App Tips And Tricks: How To Hook Up Without Losing Your Mind
Don’t overdo it on the selfies Tinder is for getting to know people, not just looking at pretty faces. Keep your selfie game in check and focus on meaningful conversations. Tinder Tips For Dads: How To Use The Dating App Without Losing Your Mind
Be mindful of your intentions Tinder is a hookup app, but it’s also a platform for connection. Be honest with yourself about your intentions and respect the other person’s boundaries. How to Prevent Harassment on Tinder

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