Tinder How Many Users

tinder how many users

Year Tinder Users (approx.) Source
2012 20 million BuzzFeed
2013 40 million Reuters
2014 50 million PSFK
2015 60 million Statista
2016 50 million (daily active users) TechCrunch
2017 50 million (daily active users) The Verge
2018 50 million (daily active users) Bloomberg
2020 57 million (daily active users) App Annie
Country/Region Tinder Users (approx.) Source
United States 10 million PSFK
India 5 million Times of India
China 2 million CN Beta
Europe (total) 10 million Statista

Note: The user numbers provided are approximate and sourced from various reputable news outlets, market research firms, and industry reports.

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