Tinder Likes Sent Timer

tinder likes sent timer

Tinder Likes Sent Timer Statistics Value
Average Tinder user sends 88 matches per month Elite Daily
Top 10% of Tinder users send 135 matches per month Quora
Tinder user sends 12-15 matches per day on average Statista
Women are more likely to initiate conversations (63%) than men (37%) BuzzFeed News
Tinder Likes Sent Timer Strategies Tip
Schedule your swiping sessions The Simple Things
Avoid using Tinder during peak hours (6-9 PM) HuffPost
Send likes to people outside of your typical dating pool Cosmopolitan

Note: The statistics provided are based on average user data and may vary depending on individual performance. It’s essential to remember that Tinder’s algorithm is constantly evolving, making it crucial to adapt your strategy accordingly.

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