Tinder Lovers

tinder lovers

Characteristics % of Tinder Users Source
Females aged 18-24 45% Statista
Males aged 25-34 27% Statista
Casual daters 61% HuffPost
Those seeking relationships 39% HuffPost
Users looking for friends with benefits 21% AskMen
Females seeking long-term relationships 54% Women’s Fitness Magazine
Males seeking casual hookups 42% Women’s Fitness Magazine
Tinder Users’ Preferences % of Respondents Source
Pictures as primary factor in decision to swipe right 80% MarketingProfs
Bio and profile information as primary factor in decision to swipe right 20% MarketingProfs
Usernames as important factor in decision to swipe right 15% AskMen
Tinder Users’ Behaviors % of Respondents Source
Browsing for more than an hour before swiping 34% Statista
Swiping right on the first person they see 15% AskMen
Using Tinder for more than a year 60% HuffPost

Note: The tables provide information on the characteristics, preferences, and behaviors of Tinder users. The data is based on various sources, including Statista, HuffPost, AskMen, and Women’s Fitness Magazine.

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