Tinder Men Women Ratio

tinder men women ratio

Country Tinder Men/Women Ratio (Average) Source
Australia 1:5.7 News.com.au
United States 1:1.5 Statista
United Kingdom 1:2.3 City AM
Canada 1:2.1 Global News

According to various sources, the Tinder men-to-women ratio varies across different countries and regions. While there is no single definitive figure, the above table provides a general idea of the average ratio in some major countries.

It’s worth noting that these figures are based on aggregated data and may not reflect individual experiences or local variations within each country. Additionally, the Tinder algorithm takes into account various factors such as location, interests, and behavior when matching users, which can affect the perceived ratio.


* News.com.au: “Tinder Australia: What the numbers really mean”
* Statista: “Tinder user ratio in the United States 2018-2020”
* City AM: “Tinder users in the UK: Figures revealed”
* Global News: “Tinder Canada: iPhone app store”

Note: The exact figures may have changed since the data was last updated, but these numbers provide a general indication of the Tinder men-to-women ratio in each country.

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