Tinder Message Sound Iphone

tinder message sound iphone

Tinder Message Sound iPhone Settings Default Setting Recommended Setting
Ringer and Alerts Vibrate on Ring and Silence Vibrate on Ring, Silent Mode
Notifications Silent Vibrate and Sound
Tinder In-App Notifications Vibrate Only Vibrate and Sound, Allow Notifications

As an expert in the field of technology and online dating, I recommend adjusting your iPhone settings to optimize your Tinder experience. The default settings for Ringer and Alerts and Notifications may not be ideal for a dating app like Tinder.

The recommended setting for Ringer and Alerts is to Vibrate on Ring and Silence, allowing you to receive tactile feedback when you receive a message or match. This way, you’ll know when someone has reached out without having to constantly check your phone.

For Notifications, it’s best to allow both Vibration and Sound. This will ensure that you’re notified when someone likes your profile, matches with you, or sends a message. You can adjust the notification settings for Tinder specifically in the app’s settings.

In addition to these iPhone settings, I recommend allowing notifications for Tinder in-app. This way, you’ll receive immediate feedback when someone interacts with your profile, and you won’t miss any potential connections.


* Apple Support: “Change Ringer and Alerts on iPhone”
* Apple Support: “Control notifications on your iPhone”

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