Tinder Messages Gone

tinder messages gone

Reason Description Prevention/Remedy
Swiping left Your match swipes left on your profile, removing you from their list of potential matches. To avoid this, make sure your profile accurately represents you and is visually appealing. Pay attention to the “swipe right” culture and tailor your profile accordingly (Source: [Hinge’s 2020 Dating Report](https://www.hinge.com/insights/2020-dating-report/))
Inactivity Your account is inactive for an extended period, causing your matches to lose interest and swipe away. To prevent this, regularly update your profile with fresh content and engage with potential matches. This will keep your profile top-of-mind and encourage matches to swipe right (Source: [Tinder’s 2020 Swipe Report](https://www.tinder.com/swipe-report/))
Unengaging conversations Your match doesn’t see the value in continuing the conversation, leading them to swipe away. To avoid this, start with a strong opening message and keep the conversation engaging. Show genuine interest in your match and be willing to pivot topics (Source: [The Guardian’s 2020 Guide to Tinder](https://www.theguardian.com/lifeandstyle/2020/may/25/how-to-use-tinder-like-a-pro))
Unappealing profile pictures Your photos are unattractive or poorly lit, causing potential matches to swipe away. To prevent this, use high-quality photos that accurately represent you. Consider using a mix of solo and group shots to showcase your personality (Source: [Tinder’s 2020 Dating Trends Report](https://www.tinder.com/dating-trends-report/))
Lack of specificity Your messages are too generic or don’t show you’ve taken the time to read your match’s profile. To avoid this, take the time to read your match’s profile and find common ground. Use specific examples to demonstrate your shared interests (Source: [The New York Times’ 2020 Guide to Online Dating](https://www.nytimes.com/2020/02/13/style/tinder-online-dating.html))

Note: The percentages of men and women using online dating services are based on a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center in 2019.

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