Tinder Overseas

tinder overseas

Country Tinder Usage Rate Number of Users Link to Source
Australia 25% 1.4 million users Statista
Canada 23% 2.5 million users Statista
United Kingdom 20% 3.5 million users Statista
United States 18% 10 million users Statista
Germany 15% 1.2 million users Statista
France 13% 900,000 users Statista
Tinder Feature Description Link to Source
Travel Mode A feature that allows users to travel and use Tinder in a new location, while keeping their matches private until they return to their original location. Tinder Blog
Explore A feature that allows users to browse potential matches based on shared interests and preferences, even if they don’t have a match in their immediate location. Tinder Blog
Super Like A feature that allows users to show extra interest in a potential match by using a super like, which can help increase the chances of getting a match. Tinder Blog

Note: The data provided is based on publicly available information and may not reflect the most up-to-date numbers.

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