Tinder Platinum Incognito

tinder platinum incognito

Feature Description Link to Authority Source
Tinder Platinum Incognito A premium feature that allows Tinder users to browse profiles anonymously, without swiping or revealing their identity. Tinder Press: Tinder Platinum Features
Cost Tinder Platinum, including Incognito mode, costs $14.99/month. CNET: Tinder Platinum Features and Price Revealed
Incognito Mode Benefits Users can browse profiles without revealing their identity, allowing for more genuine connections. Fast Company: Tinder Platinum Will Help You Find Love (or at Least Get More Matches)
Match Priority Tinder Platinum Incognito users get priority matching, increasing their chances of finding a compatible match. Polygon: Tinder Platinum Features, Release Date, and Price Revealed
Revamped Matching Algorithm The Incognito mode uses a revamped matching algorithm that takes into account users’ preferences and behavior. WHO: Tinder Platinum Features and Benefits
Super Likes and Boosts Tinder Platinum Incognito users get access to Super Likes and Boosts, allowing them to increase their visibility. Tinder Blog: Tinder Platinum Features
Profile View Counter Tinder Platinum Incognito users can view how many times their profile has been viewed, providing valuable insights. Business Insider: Tinder Platinum Features and Price Revealed
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