Trust format for dating

Trust-Building Activities
Communicate needs and wants openly and honestly
Spend quality time together
Be supportive and understanding
Be patient and forgiving
Keep promises and commitments
Respect each other’s boundaries
Be transparent and accountable
Address issues and conflicts promptly and respectfully

Red Flags to Watch Out for
Secretive or evasive behavior
Lack of communication
Unfulfilled promises or commitments
Inconsistent or unreliable behavior
Controlling or manipulative behavior
Jealousy or possessiveness
Substance abuse
Financial irresponsibility

Resources for Building Trust in Dating
The Gottman Institute: The 7 Principles of Trust in Relationships
Psychology Today: 10 Ways to Build Trust in a Romantic Relationship
WebMD: Building Trust in Relationships
MindBodyGreen: How to Build Trust in a Relationship
Psych Central: How to Build Trust in a Relationship
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