Why Was My Tinder Banned

why was my tinder banned

Reason Description Link to Authority Resource
Inappropriate Profile Picture Tinder has strict guidelines for profile pictures, including no explicit content or nudity. If your picture is deemed inappropriate, it may be removed and your account suspended. Tinder’s Safety Guidelines
Violent or Threatening Behavior Tinder does not tolerate violent, threatening, or harassing behavior. If you’ve been reported for engaging in such behavior, your account may be suspended. StopBullying.gov: Threats and Violence
Engaging in Fake or Scamming Behavior Tinder has zero tolerance for fake profiles, scams, or fraudulent activity. If you’re reported for engaging in such behavior, your account may be suspended. FTC: Fake Online Reviews
Spamming or Harassing Other Users Tinder does not allow spamming, harassing, or sending unsolicited messages to other users. If you’re reported for such behavior, your account may be suspended. Australian Human Rights Commission: Protecting Women’s Rights Online
Violating Tinder’s Community Guidelines Tinder has a set of community guidelines that outline what is and isn’t allowed on the platform. If you violate these guidelines, your account may be suspended. Tinder’s Community Guidelines
Not Complying with Tinder’s Request to Verify Your Identity Tinder may request that you verify your identity for safety and security purposes. If you don’t comply, your account may be suspended. FTC: Identity Theft
Using Third-Party Apps or Scripts to Automate Your Behavior Tinder does not allow the use of third-party apps or scripts to automate your behavior, including liking, commenting, or messaging. If you’re reported for using such software, your account may be suspended. TikTok’s Community Guidelines

Note: The link to authority resources is provided to support the reason and description of why an account might be banned on Tinder.

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